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Traditional Honey Bourbon

13% ABV


Smooth honey oak aged immortal is our Original mead first brewed In The year 2010. This mead was developed through years of research and practical application. Three main herbs give this mead its complexity of flavor and functionality. Shizandra berry, Gynostemma, and Chaga Mushroom are some of the greatest herbs on the planet, and they are now in your glass. A touch of cinnamon rounds these out with the great tannins of a dark charred oak barrel. This wonderful beverage could be the secret to the fountain of youth.

Toasty Nuts

Roasted Peanut Butter

9.5% ABV


Peanut butter Belgian. This mead started in a kettle by toasting the honey to give it marshmallow characteristics. This method of caramelizing honey is called a bochet. It was then given a Belgian style twist with an amazing back end of peanut butter. Carbonated to enhance the peanut butter aroma and served in a Belgian beer glass to retain its origins. If you aren’t allergic to peanuts, then this could be your new best friend. 

Merry Cherry

Dark Sweet & Tart Cherries

8.5% ABV


Sweet and tart cherry. We all know what cherries we prefer. Sweet, light , dark, sour, tart, whatever the cherry you desire. This will make your day. Using dark sweet cherries and tart light cherries brings a new undeniable world of cherries to your life. You never would have thought cherry could taste like this. But it does. End of story. Except when we talk about the honey. The honey this mead is brewed with is like no other. Ask the server to give you a sample to go with your Merry Cherry Mead and all your problems will disappear.


Zinfandel & Muscat Grape

11% ABV


Zinfandel & Muscot grape. Wine and dine, or is it dine then wine, or wine and dine at the same time? Either way, Grapes and Honey are always a great combination. Nothing defines Royalty better than a fine wine. Oak aged to perfection, light and subtle, yet complex, deep and rich. Yes, all of the above. How, you ask? This is the magic of the world, how things can be so complex, almost chaotic, yet somehow orderly and meaningful. Here is a toast to a wonderful thing we call life.  

Morning Dew


7% ABV


Lemon. When the fresh drops of dew form on the delicate leaves as the sun rises, your day has just begun. This day is the the first day of the rest of your life. Make sure it is filled with new beginnings and the mouth watering freshness of lemon. When you start like this, at the end of your day you will be saying ”The dew has been done”

Strawberry Fields


8% ABV


Strawberries. Many summers go by and there are people in the world that have never seen a strawberry in its natural habitat. When the sun is low in the sky and the water is glistening on the seed strapped fruit of the strawberry plant, your mouth waters as you float through the fields. Your hand lightly grasps this sweet and sour delicate body, mesmerized by its beauty. We captured this moment and put it in a bottle.  


Blueberry, Rasberry & Vanilla

9% ABV


Blueberry, raspberry, vanilla. Freedom mead is born from a special place. A place like no other in this universe. A place where eagles soar. And mead flows from mountain springs. This place is where the juice of blueberries and raspberries are entangled in a beautiful vanilla vine. This place resides within every freedom loving individual. When this mead is poured the calls of eagles ring throughout the land. When you raise this glass, you are toasting to every hard working, American individual that has fought to keep your inherit right to freedom. 

Autumn Glory

Apple, Pear & Cinnamon

12% ABV


Apple Pie is a staple of modern civilization. Perfectly toasted pie crust and vented apple filling is difficult to stay away from when it catches your nose. Smell it, look at it, drink it, and just take it all in. We promise, we did not just throw apple pies into a blender, this is really wine.

Ask Me About My Banana

Banana Cream Pineapple

10% ABV


banana cream pineapple. If you ask us about our banana, we will fill your mouth with creamy goodness and a pineapple twist. Imagine yourself sitting in a hammock on a beach with no one around and a light cool breeze brushing across your skin. This mead will get you there. Or wherever your happy place is. 


Pineapple & Apple

10% ABV


Pineapple & Apple. Spikey, greenish and awkward are things that you see when looking at a pineapple. We don’t like to look at the outside though, we know that although this big grenade is weird looking, it is beautiful on the inside. As you develop your pineapple opening skills you will learn how Fine this amazing fruit really is. You understand when this mead touches your lips with its tingling power that all is good in the universe. 

FineApple Mead - Ivy League Brew

Blood Moon

Blood Orange

10% ABV


Blood Orange. Once a year there is a special harvest that takes place of a particular citrus fruit that only comes every so often. It is in the land of werewolves and vampires. When the blood moon shines and the skies are void of all clouds, things take form and change from their original state. Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking, the Orange turns red with fury and boasts its bold flavors. Drink and be weary, this mead might make you change. 

Hop Rod

Basil & Lemongrass Pilsner

7% ABV


Pilsner style. Pilsners have a history of being very difficult to perfect. Well we accepted that challenge. This mead is dedicated to man that knew how to laugh, and make others laugh. His talents included building hot rods, riding motorcycles, drinking, and being extremely sarcastic. These are all signs of a true man. So we salute those of you that might have known, or still know a man like this. We know that if they had a chance, this would be their all day sipper. 

Just Peachy


8% ABV


Peaches. When people from around the country think about peaches, they think about Georgia. But let’s be honest, Alabama is the REAL peach state. These bearded nectarines are sent from the man himself to give us a sense of the divine. We Thank God that there are “Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me”. 

Lime Time

Belgian Style with Lime

9% ABV


Ever heard it is 5 o’clock somewhere? Well, that place and time is here and now! The best flavors are always better with lime. This is why all tacos get a mandatory lime, if it isn’t a law, then it should be. 

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Nitrogen Infused Root Beer

Orange Cream Soda

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